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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


All I have to say is..............Oh My gosh!?!?!

HOw about they quit having kids already? If they feel they have the money to do that, they can help support a local food bank for parents who can't feed the one kid they have. This is just ridiculous.

I have had a lot of discussions on various boards about the "Duggar" family. They are pathetic and brain dead to say the least. Getting an award for screwing and spouting more kids than they can possibly take care of is insulting to responsible people who use birth control. These people are sick. The media should NOT be trying to put them in a positive spotlight.

I actually don't have any problem with the Duggars having as many children as they want as long as they can afford them.

I feel sorry for the kids. It appears the mother and father are trying to shelter these kids from the outside evils of the world. What is going to happen when they get out into the real world and find that the world is not perfect? No individuality. Kids all dressed the same, play the same instrument. Are these kids allowed to have some down time to themselves or even allowed to associate with town kids on an individual level? I guess not when each one is responsible for their own buddy. Homeschooling. HOw can this woman provide for each level of education that is required and also be able to look after the pre-school kids and the baby? What is scary is that three of the older girls talked about marrying and having a lot of kids, one saying she wanted to be a SAHM. I'm not saying anything wrong with that but no talk about careers or jobs. What the heck does the mother do other than homeschool and preach on Sundays. Girls doing all the cooking, cleaning and laundry, boys cleaning and taking the trash out. Heaven help those kids when they become adults

I watched the show about the Duggars on the Discovery channel last night and I sat there in awe. Thank God for people like that. What a wonderful family. The children are happy, and very dedicated to their parents, and you can tell they are loved. I commend them for their hard work and dedication. The bonding and closeness these kids are building is worth more than all the t.v., internet, and video games, in all the world. I would like to see another show of the new home, and how they are making out with it. This is defintely a wonderful reality show. One with a positive message.

I found the Duggar family story amazing and inspiring. Who are we to dictate how many children they have, when they provide everything the children could possibly need. Why are so many people complaining about them when they are doing such a great job? We should probably take notes and learn a bit from them.

Why are so many people complaining about this family I will never know. What is wrong with having large families? America was built with people Homeschooling and having large families. We are the most awesome Country to have ever existed. Good for the Duggars for not letting people dictate to them how many children they should or should not have. I have six children myself and am quite frankly tired of the "POPULATION POLICE" I manage my six kids, I went to school after highschool and graduated! But I CHOOSE to stay home and be a mom, There is nothing wrong with saying you choose a family over a career. Maybe these kids are a little sheltered. But with all the smut on tv and things going on in schools and society we need more families like the Duggars to reaffirm our VALUES!!! And for the person who said they should stop having kids and give the money to a food bank??? How much money do you donate a year to food banks?? Exactly and you probably dont even HAVE kids! Great job Duggar family, Keep up the good work!

How is it that these people who screw like rabbits and pay no tax are call amazing and inspirational? The whole family structure is so ridgid as if everyone is living in a boarding school. The mother said she will ween the the baby first, then give it to another child for the so call "buddy system". I guess they don't have to worry about the real world, since all the kids only hang out with white Christian nuts, and never have to look beyond there own little circle. I say let them screw like rabbits, but please don't honor such bullshit.

So upset by all the negative comments coming forth and bashing the Duggars. Leave them alone. They are people who follow God with their whole hearts. We need more people like the Duggars. More civilized individuals who can change the world for better not worse. Just think in a few years most of those Duggar boys will be running for a political office, practicing medicine, just making a difference in the world. Maybe one day we'll have President Duggar, who knows.

I just saw the Duggar family on Discovery Health yesterday. I was awe struck. They are better parents to 15 than most to one. I am honored to witness a family who so clearly follows and teaches their children to listen for the will of God in their daily activities. It is inspirational to see the love of life and learning that is being instilled in the lives of these children and their community. No, we won't be having 15 children because it is not what God has called of my husband and I-but I can not express the confirmation of the existence of God and his activity in our lives that this story has given me!

There are 6.4 billion people on this planet and counting. Do we possibly need more irresponsible parents bringing in even more people into this world? Sounds like Mr. Duggar likes sex, because the excuse of "we just love children" doesn't wash.

I can't believe the comments about "sex". If it was just about sex, don't you think these people would have CHOSEN to use birth control??? If it was just about sex, wouldn't these people have opted NOT to have children so they can just have sex all day??? These people are "having sex" because it is a God-given gift to couples within the loving Sacrament of Matrimony. It is nothing to sneer at or mock. Thank God for the Duggars who chose to trust the Creator for all things, including the size of their family. Children=responsibility, and the Bible says to whom much is given much is expected. God gave them these kids, I'm sure He has plans for them that neither you nor I can judge or predict.

Maybe the parents that can't feed their children and need to rely on foodbanks should be the ones to stop having sex and bringing more children into the world. At least the Duggars are able to afford their children and live in a debt free world.

i think its very sad that the kids have to do all the chores, what does the mother or father do around the house.

The girls do all the cooking, laundry and one even has to clean the parents bedroom, shouldn't that be the parents responsiblity? I understand the need for children having to do chores but i do believe that parents need to do the majority. I get the impression that these people have kids just so they can do the chores. One daughter said what she is going to love about the new house is the more space for the laundry room and a luxury kitchen. How sad. The mother sounds very lazy. Lets have a baby and once its wean i will pass it to a older child so they can care for him and i will have another one.

Mom and Dad need some serious pyscho help and someone needs to put this woman on BCP and they BOTH need to be charged with child abuse and neglect.

1. When did they ever say they don't pay taxes?

2. WHY would they be charged with abuse and neglect? Those children did NOT seem abused nor neglected. In fact they seem like well adjusted children to me.

This family is wonderful! They can have as many children as they want. Many other families should take lessons from them. They don't live off of welfare and they take care of their children. And it sounds like they also pay their bills and don't live beyond their means! I laugh at the comment from the lady who said these people should stop having children and help support those other poor folks who continue to have babies and live off of our tax dollars! That's the problem in this world. The people who take care of their own are criticized and the welfare moms and dads are pitied! Nope! I say go Duggars!

I find it truly amazing that so many people see their large family as "irresponsible". I'll never get how people see it like that. What do you care if they have 2 or 20?? It's THEIR family. And they're not knocking at YOUR door asking for $$ to support them so why all the name calling and put downs?

I, personally, could never handle that many, but I love hearing about large families and how they get by. I have 3 boys and they're plenty for me(and this is coming from someone that always planned on having at least 4 or more). But to each his own. Sounds like they're good parents, so I don't know why everyone has to hate on them so much. I'm sure the "child-free" sites are having a hay day with this family. Sad. I wish them luck and nothing but the best for all of their futures.

I saw the show and I think this family is great 15 kids would not be for me but all the more power to them if they can feed and cloth them without using the system then i say go for it. I agree with the person who said we pitty the people who are on welfare and critized the one who have a lot of kids and don't use welfare that is wrong. a lot of kids today are rude and it all starts at home with rude parents and parent who don't care these people from what i saw love their kids and want the best for them just because your kid has everything under the sun to play with and watch on tv and such doesn't make you better then them. I think living debt free doen't really sound that bad. anyway as long as they are not using the system and can feed and cloth and not abuse and love there children then have as many as you like the other comment about them giving the money to people who can't take care of the children they have well thats not right either why should they unless they want to. they owe other nothing.

I watched the showe on the Duggar family the other night, and I was in awe of them. I commend them for doing such a wonderful job. The children all seemed happy, loved and well cared for. Their parents are teaching them responsibilities, and how to help others. They are learning respect. Children these days ARE NOT taught manners, responsibility or respect. They can pretty much do whatever they want. The parents do not set boundries for them. They pretty much run the household. I think if the Duggar family can care for their children and raise them right, I am proud of them. I think homeschooling is good because it is better than what is taught in the school system...I sure wouldn't want my children attending a school where they are not allowed to say the pledge to the american flag or to mention God. One of the girls mentioned that she wants to be a stay at home mom. I think that is great. I worked in the day care field for a number of years, and I enjoyed it. But I feel that whenever possible, a child should be raised by his/her parents and not a day care provider. Obviously, these children are greatly loved. I commend this wonderful family!

I too was inspired by the Duggar Family's story. If they have put their trust in the Lord to determine the size of their family, who are we to criticize them. I admire a mother & father who can sucessfully raise a family--no matter the number of children they have. My husband & I have four ourselves, and would like to have more. If more children were taught values and morals at home, and were raised in more loving environments, there would not be as many problems in this country as there are now. These people should be honored for being such exemplary parents. How many of us can say we live debt free?? I surely can't, and I only have four children. As to the negative comment on stay at home mothers--I am a stay at home mom, and I could not imagine a more rewarding "career". Raising my children is the most important work I will ever do in my life, and I am proud to be the one to take care of them on a daily basis. I saw their first steps, heard their first words, and share in their sorrows and accomplishments first hand. No amount of money or praise in an outside job could be worth that. So I say--to each his own--but don't criticize others just because they do not live their lives the same way as you do!! Way to go Duggar Family. Blessings to you all.

i will never for the LIFE of me understand WHY some people think it is their business to tell others how many children to have.

there are those of us who believe that children are blessings from God. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. and that trying to prevent those blessings is wrong. therefore we do not 'plan' our families, rather we allow God to do so. (oh well, HE couldn't POSSIBLY know what's best, now could he?>)

as to abuse and neglect, PLEASE! those kids were incredibily happy looking, acting and beautiful. abused children are not outgoing and happy! they are broken and sad. neglect, yeah, ok, considering both mom and dad are home much of the time, and there are 14 other people to talk to and play with, sure they are neglected.

as to homeschooling and education, why in the world would a religious person put their child in a public school that denies God? homeschooling is the BEST. homeschooled children score higher on standardized tests, are proven to be more mature than their public/private schooled peers and to do better in college if they so choose to go.

Every homeschooled kid I ever met when I was growing up was a FREAK. But, if test scores are all you think that matter... not, say, socialization... then I guess homeschooling is great.

I think alot of religious wackos homeschool their kids to keep them from getting a well-rounded view of the world. What doesn't make sense to me is that if people REALLY trust in God, why do they think they need to turn away from the rest of the world which, according to them, HE created, too. And if God is looking out for you, why can't you trust your children to make the right decisions for themselves? God gives people free will, do you think you can control the will of your children? Do you think God wants people to come to him because they have NO OTHER CHOICE? I don't think that is how it is supposed to work.

I can't believe so many people are in support of this woman. They may be able to financially support these kids now, but what if something happened to one of them? Can they emotionally support these kids? I have 2 kids and work part time and there are whole days I don't come into contact with 15 different people. I watched the show and I never once saw her hug or holding any of her kids. Most little ones practically live on Mommy's hip til they're 2. My 4 y.o. still likes to be carried occasionally. All the people I've spoken to from large families hated it, mostly because their parents weren't emotionally available when they needed them to be and the kids just got lost in the crowd.

I think you hit the nail on the head. Meeting someone's basic physical needs for food, water, shelter and clothing by no means makes someone a decent parent.

I would like to address one more issue. Everyone in support of this family keeps insisting that what they are doing is "GOD'S WILL", that who are we to question God's plan for them. To you I ask, what if you got cancer? Would you seek treatment? After all, it's "GOD'S WILL" that you die a horrible, painful, slow death. There is more to family size than "GOD'S WILL".

Boy. This woman's snatch must be like, cavernous.

Better her than me..I do think its a bit selfish of her husband, "Jim Bob", to keep her barefoot and pregnant ALL the time.. What a toll on Michelle s body....I wonder if she prays for menopause??? Secretly?? Oh well... its not anyone elses business, since they are pulling their own, and we are NOT paying for it....But I do feel a bit sorry for the kids... although they do look happy...in pictures, anyway..

I feel so... weak, compared to her. I was using the pill when I got pregnant the first time. Then I had two more, because I thought I wanted lots of kids. When the third almost died and ended up an emergency C-section, I decided it wasn't worth it. But I think it's great that they can have so many kids, and not go postal.

Jeez, WHY is it that it's always the IDIOTS who reproduce like crazy, and the geniuses who have few or no children?

What kind of fools have 16 kids and "want more"? What kind of fools name all 16+ kids with names starting with "J"??

I'll tell you what kind:
Narcissistic IDIOTS who can't get ENOUGH of themselves!
(All those "J"s are obviously supposed to replicate the Chief J-Idiot, Jim.)

There ought to be a law in this country that you are allowed UP TO 2-3 children and then you have to submit to mandatory SNIPPING. Anyone who was raised in a double-digit-sized family has total CONTEMPT for this type of lunacy.

What can you expect from ARKANSANS??? Hogs & sows...

Most of the people on this board have too much idle time to judge others. Mind your own business. As for the person who thinks God hands out cancer...think again of your insensitivity. We all have a cross to bear because evil exists.

Children are a gift from God. To prevent God's will is a sin. If you don't believe in God, you have no business voicing your opinion of God's will and plan for those of us who do. You have a right...sure, but really no business or valid arguement. It is better to sit and look ignorant than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Congratulations to this family on the birth of their baby girl. From a childless, married woman, I am grateful to people like her who are willing to take care of God's children and that God has entrust her to do so.

So, relax, all you nutty people who think they are lunatics and find something better to do with your time than to sit and criticize a woman who has just been through labor. No matter if it is the first or 16th. She doesn't deserve that.

To CHILDLESS, who should be named BRAINLESS:

They are lunatics and worse!
Nobody but PATHOLOGICAL NARCISSISTS would have 16+ kids (and name them all with J-names!?)...

You and your "God decreed that this child should be born" bulls*** can go to hell with it. Plenty of women would have GLADLY aborted rather than be burdened with offspring they had no way to support... I suppose your GOD decreed that too? Bull!

These Arkies are total idiots and they obviously care more about QUANTITY than QUALITY. They are obviously trying to hedge their bets and hope for one or two quality kids among that disgusting brood. They are sickening.

People who have had the misfortune of coming from huge, ignorant, selfish families know better than your specious arguments. Use a little restraint & birth control, and stop polluting the earth with your pathetic DNA!

I feel sorry for you Morry...sounds like you're a little bitter or maybe jealous that 2 people could love that many children. I'd sure be interested to know your family background?? I'd rather have "Duggar" DNA than "hateful, judgemental and spiteful" DNA.

It's no wonder children these days have crude mouths, lack of respect, no love but hatred and an "all about me" attitude. May the Lord's judgement be so ever harsh on those who choose to raise their families this way.

Please also clarify "no way to support their children"? I have yet to read that they are living off welfare. I'd rather help them out as friends and neighbors than support a system that provides money to those who just can't keep their pants on...

Morry...you're an idiot. I come from a very large family with no regrets. Assuming you do too, you must have been the least favorite, or perhaps ignored and alone. If only you would have found a god (albeit at this point) any god that you could have found comfort in, maybe you wouldn't be so judgemental and harsh. I feel sorry for you...to bounce about life without happiness and faith must be terrible for you. You can even be happy for people, no matter who they are. A good therapist would be a wise investment. Have a great day.

You people bragging about UBER-MOTHERHOOD and HUGE BROODS and how JOYFUL they made/make you are the idiots.

FAR more people on this planet have been traumatized by coming from a pair of witless parents who cranked out more offspring than they could feed, than people who are overjoyed at being the progeny of such blockheads who could not keep their pants zipped.

You guys, especially M4M and Childless, are not only dimwitted but narrrow-minded and arrogant--quite a nasty combination!

You do not even SEE the truth when it is in front of you. All you care about is defending your "God-told-us-to-screw-our-brains-out-and-pollute-the-earth-with- dimwitted-DNA" b.s.

You are too SELF-RIGHTEOUS and shortsighted to see that your kind of low-IQ is merely duplicated and handed on, to create endless misery for others...

You are the ones to be pitied, except it is hard to feel PITY and CONTEMPT in one breath.

A brief excerpt from the gazillions of disgusted postings online about the Duggars and their self-propagated cult...

From: Miz Daisy Cutter - Find messages by this author
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 02:54:04 -0400
Local: Sun, Oct 16 2005 2:54 am
Subject: Re: Mom delivers 16th baby, wants more
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On Fri, 14 Oct 2005 23:56:16
>> "Can't feed em, don't breed em". It really is THAT simple.
> You are simple, aren't you? Here's some food for thought:

Uh, you don't know much about the Duggar Famblee, do you, sport?
A.T's long-lost St. K., who lives one town over from Maw and Paw Duggar and
their genetically challenged litter, wrote me a few years back:
"The Duggars are Shiite Republikkklan Christers. Jim Bob inherited his money
and has never worked a day in his life except for running for office every
time a seat comes open. Thankfully he never won an election except for his
one term in the state ledge...The 'family bus' is an illegal campaign
contribution from some fat cat Republikkklan downstate. Bugger claimed that
it was a gift from God, since he'd prayed for one just like it, and didn't
have to report it. The Rev.-Gov. Fuckabee- (yes, our Gov. is also a Babtist
Minister and very accustomed to accepting gifts, which all ultimately come
from the Lard)- controlled Ethics Commission had no problem with not
reporting gifts from God."
> 4. If his wife and him [sic] are able to be responsible parents, why not a
> large family? After all, having a large family is not a new concept.
Large families made more sense in the days when (1) this chunk of rock was
more sparsely populated and we weren't butting up against one another; (2)
infant mortality was high, and (3) kids were an economic asset rather than a
drain (i.e., junior farmhands don't need no fancy book-larnin'). There's
really no good rationale in this day and age to turn one's vagina into a
clown car. --
End quote.

Here's another:
On 12 Oct 2005 17:03:23 -0700, "Jules W." wrote:
>Why is it that if you collect, say, cats or dogs or ferrets, people
>think you're nuts if you have more than two or three, but if you
>collect children, you're some kind of saint?
>Even worse, some people who collect, say, cats or dogs and can't take
>care of 'em afterwards can be diagnosed as certifiable via DSM-IV, but
>there's no such designation for people who collect children. Surely
>collecting children has more of a negative impact on society.
You know, this is the most perceptive comment I've read on this
disgusting situation.
"Child hoarding" - a new heading for the DSM-IV.

PS These Duggar-people are scary. Visit their pathetic website and see if you can figure out WHY:

Be sure to stay tuned in about 10 or 15 years to see the amazing things these blessed children will do in this world.

Alice, mother and teacher of 5 bio children, only wife of their bio father.

Blessed?!?!?! What arrogant & senseless tripe!

What makes these Duggars-by-the-dozen any more "blessed" than anyone else?
Women in Bangladesh, Africa, India, and backwoods Tennessee may have an excuse for having dozens of hungry mouths for the world to support, but not these self-righteous Fundamentalist nutcases in Arkansas.

But you Fundies just keep on spouting your moronic tripe and BLESSING these idiots and their spawn... It won't make you right.
It will only PERPETUATE your stupid, idiotic way of life.

And PS: You jerks have a lot of nerve to ASSUME that people who disagree with this outrageous (& UNNECESSARY) wholesale-spawning of dozens of children are by definition anti-God and headed to hell!
A sensible person can believe in God and be a decent, loving person and STILL believe that what Duggars are doing is totally DISGUSTING.

What woman in her right mind would harbor the serious MIS-CONCEPTION (pun intended) that SHE can be a MOTHER to 16-plus babies?!
Only a totally brainwashed Fundamentalist OWNED by a selfish, arrogant, brainless JIM BOB of a husband!

Sickening to the max.

Wow...seems like this is a really passionate topic for some people. I just saw the special on Discovery Health, and it was pretty interesting. You have to hand it to the woman - she runs a tight ship. Pretty amazing. I've got three kids under the age of 4, and most times, I'm ready to pull my hair out! But it seems like they've got the money to be able to support a large family, so at least they're not relying on government assistance. I'm not sure how i feel about this. I mean, I'm a Christian, and it seems like all I've read about them reflects standard Christian values, not some weird cult. But I read a funny post somewhere that said "Quick! Someone get these kids to the Gap!", and I have to agree with that one. They DEFINITELY need a wardrobe makeover! Ugh! Basically, I think there's a balance to teaching and training your kids to love Jesus, and then letting them learn about what that really means in the REAL world so that their faith is REAL and not just something they've been taught all their lives. Don't you think?

I have three things to say.

you dont have to believe it, but this is what i believe.

We are not in the position to condemn/judge.

God created each of us before we were even in our mother's wombs. We are the work of His hands.

We (as Christians) are in the world, but not of the world.

these are all in scripture. i dont have exact verses now...

I admire them for being strong in their faith, and not letting it be faltered by what others say and believe.

My best friend is an Apostolic Christian. Her family is conservative. They don't have a tv. They don't go to movie theaters. Big deal. I respect that, and I understand it. They are just protecting themselves from all the crap that is floating around out in the world.

I have another friend who has 14 siblings. They are have relatively conservative beliefs. They all play two instruments. They are amazingly talented, and amazingly kind people. Although I can't say that I'd want 14 children, I refuse to judge them (or anyone else) based upon that.

I don't understand why we just can't be accepting.

I am one of seven... the youngest and I loved my life as a child, always having someone to play with, a mother who kissed me good night every night, a nice home. I however was robbed of the ability to have children thus my family is those nieces and nephews my older sibs have had, our family is large, loving and hardly insular... we read the newspaper and studied history. Yes mom insisted on decent dress for boys and girls alike. My family is not white, nor Christian, but we work hard and support ourselves. I would not trade my youth for all the Gameboys and Nikes in the world...

I am a mental health assistant and make good money, not in spite of my home schooling but because of it. In two years I will be going for my doctorate in rehabilitation, it will join the other six on my father's office wall as testament to his parenting... seven doctors.

How can that compare to a single mother with an unwanted child who lives on welfare and quits school never to be more than a drain on society? So what if they have 16 kids, seems better than the alternative doesn't it?

Pax nC

10 more kids (26) and they could have named each one A-Z. Why J's, Why not K, L, M ?

No one mentioned -- how about ADOPTION?

Lets mind our own business,if they can take care their kids then its good for them. lets just focus on our lives,our beliefs,and respect others (including the Duggar's).
If they teach their kids to honor and love God,I think thats a great thing,its better than they teach to hate others. Its THEIR children, its THEIR lives. I think the kids are wodnerful,talented,behaved,and also very responsible with their tasks..which is good,coz most of the kids now are not well manner,lack of responsibilities,and etc.
The Duggars are just doing their job as parents,one day the kids will live their own lives but at least the parents has gave them the foundation about life.
About the name starting with "J"..nothing's wrong with that..lol..why do you people feel annoying by that?! Its THEIR kids...they can named them whatever they want and you can name your own kids whatever you want..lets just respect each others :)
I have a friend who has 18 siblings,and they all become a very successful people,so lets not judge other people.
Me,myself,I dont wanna have 16 kids..2 are enough for me now..lol..but I do respect and give applause to Michelle who can take care of the kids,teach them about God,be their mom and also teacher,provide the kids needs,foods,clothes,etc..and plus she is not a selfish woman who just wanna think about herself,life is not just about right..what about our responsibility? most people just wanna their rights as wife or mother,but hardly does the responsibility as mother or wife..at least Michelle Duggar does the best she can.

My it is an ugly and hate-filled world we live in. Such awful, filthy things said about a family none of you even know. Comments on sex that are vile and twisted. Your ignorance is so obvious. Liberal HA! Hate mongering, angry, loveless, mean spirited is more like it. I am so fortunate to not be in your camp. God have mercy on the lot of you!

Mom of 10, 8 adopted from foster-care. All loved, all well educated.

May God have mercy on you all. Such hate you exude!

I saw the show and I was amazed! As I was reading the opinions of everyone else in this forum I came to the conclusion that it's a very personal decision for this couple to have as many kids as they want. People are saying for example about these kids being hidden from the real world, I'd say that they're doing the right thing because to be honest there is nothing good out there and you all know it. I think it's better to be raised in a happy family and community until Jesus comes, for we will all someday have peace and love together in a world that was meant to be. It is so obvious that the Duggars are ahead in living in paradise already and instead of beating them with stupid comments everyone should start using them as a role model even if one's family small. In other words, the main point is not about the amount of kids they have is how they care and love them.

ah thank the lord (cough cough the lord is not real cough cough)
one more little darling duggar to vote for the stupid republican party. Let there be bush!

I've read most of the comments posted on the Duggar family - I saw a documentary on them on The Learning Channel, I was just aww struck. Although I must admit that they appear to have a very orderly family and very well behaved children, I believe that their children are extremely sheltered. Regardless of the fact that the world is full of evils - there are also good people and things in it. Why hide children from the real world just because it's screwed up? On the contrary I believe it's parent's job to prepare their children for the real world. To teach them to make good desicions, have good morals, be productive members of society, be respectful and tolerant of different people - no matter the color of their skin, or their social class. I do believe that the Duggars have taught their children good morals, but they need to learn how to socialize with people besides their family. And they need to meet and deal with people that aren't just white and christian. There are alot of diverse people in the United States alone - it would be a shame not to meet a person who was different than yourself. And in response to the whole thing some people had with them screwing like rabbits - well that is their personal desicion. But, as wonderful as children can be, I think in today's day and age, there is a limit to how many children people should have. Our world is all ready over populated and we have limited resources. However, if people have enough money and love for their children, then well that's their choice. This woman is an incredible person (Duggar mom)but she needs time to herself - she's totally let herself go...

Just you wait. 5 more years and at least one of those kids will be pregnant, gay or suicidal.

This family is great. They have been following my practices for a long time. They are strong supporters of my group. If we can keep strong white families in gods plan great things can happen. Since the time I met the Duggar family; a famous race car driver has began to follow my teachings. Ricky Bobby is a great christian. I have convinced him of a "big" jesus. I hope you will pray for him during his sunday races. (for entertainment purposes only)

I posted a couple years ago about this pathetic bunch, and my opinion has not changed. They are delusional about birth control if they believe using birth control pills causes abortions. I read that Jim Bob was quoted as saying this.

I think the older kids are strapped with many adult duties that they have no choice in. To mindlessly breed (and then give God credit or blame) is insulting to anyone who has half a brain in their head. How smart is it to continually spout out kid after kid when they can't take care of the ones they have without the older kids having to take on a "buddy".

Also, homeschooling is done by many religious fanatics because they do not want their children to associate with kids who go to the public schools. The kids have no clue what the real world is all about because they have been sheltered for too many years. And just what kind of education do you think Michelle can give them if she's pregnant and nursing all the time?

I don't think Moms are qualified to teach their kids all the subjects that kids need to learn about. Degree or not, it is a horrible idea to homeschool. I work for higher education and will never believe it is a good thing.

Lastly, it makes me ill to think that these people are receiving all this praise and attention just because they continue to screw like animals and continue to pop out kid after kid. They are a very poor example of what a family should be. You Bible thumpers can talk all you want about how great they are. They are a laughing stock for the state of Arkansas. They really deserve an award for stupidity and nothing else.

This is disguisting. This family is the icture of why earth is becoming overpopulated. Many people here seem to think this woman is a god of some sort because she handles all the children. She DOES NOT handle those children, the children care for themselves and then for eachother. Mom teaches school the end. The children do the work and clearly they have been brainwashed into thinking this is normal. For one day i want to take one of the girls to the real world, one where she can take off that damn floral print dress and put on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Jim Bob is the sickest one of all. They can provide food and shelter for the kids and thats great but they need love and moral support and individuality they don't seem to get any of that.

And for the record, if the poster above mine is the "real" Bill Gothard, he's a delusional idiot. Go to his website billgothard.com and you'll see what a lunatic he is. Cult group is what it is and the Duggar's have been victims of his insane beliefs. Bill Gothard is not even married but gives advice to married couples. Yeah, someone people should really follow...eyes rolling.

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