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Saturday, February 26, 2005


I think it wonderful that the duggars are raising their children for Christ and are teaching them responsibility. The one thing that bothers me is passing off 6 month babies to sisters to 'buddy' them. I just feel babies should be taken care of by mom for at least the first 18 months. And won't it traumatize the younger children when their big sisters leave home to marry. Won't they feel abandoned?

The Duggar children are all still really young! Even the oldest girls are in their early 20s. Wait and see what they do with their lives! I wasn't doing much and certainly not 'spreading my wings' at 21...such criticism. Focus on yourself and what good you yourself can bring to the world! They're in theirs and living it well, or so it seems from a simple tv show. I don't understand why so many people consider it 'wrong' or whatever other substitute words can be inserted; I only want one child and it simply doesn't bother me that some women may want 20

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