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Sunday, March 05, 2006


Now that is a ride. I'm visiting via Nancy's extensive blogroll -- we are good blog pals!

crap! I just bought the Volvo S40 and I agree that it's loud. It's my first car though and i'm okay with it.

Sorry, I didn't mean to dis on your new Volvo S40. The Volvo S40 was actually my first choice when I was doing all the research on Consumer Reports because they get such good marks for safety and reliability. Plus, Volvos are right up there with mercedes for seeing them still running right along twenty years later. I think that is we buy a family car, we'd probably go with the S60 or the Volvo SUV which was pretty sweet. Lexus doesn't strike me as a good choice for a family car, well not if you have kids that are as messy as mine.

Ooh, nice car, Amy. Looks like you could sleep in it comfortably. And given your recent schedule sounds like you might have to do just that....

Miss you. Stop by and visit if you have a chance.

NICE! And I agree -- I will never have an automatic.

I had an S40 as a rental once - POS. Sloooow on the uptake, and NOISY and STINKY!

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