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Monday, July 17, 2006


Love your blog and TOTALLY don't understand the creepo folks who actually write you to diss you about your parenting. So lame! So glad you keep your chin up and are secure about the job you are doing.

Anyway... Florida... I think you actually answered your own question. If people WANTED to go to Paris, Budapest, Vancouver or Tokyo that would betray the fact that they had a modicum of culture! I moved back to the states in 1992 after living for years in South America. My family is all bi-lingual, so for us, Miami is wonderful. I'm originally from Massachusetts, so it's a trade-off. I don't have to shovel the driveway or scrape the ice off the windshield, but I miss the educational expectations and the intellectual component. There are two Floridas: South Florida with it's huge Caribbean and Latin population, and the rest of the state which is very different. People come her because they have put a premium on sun and escaping the cold, or because their families have for generations.

you might like to look at my pics from the Santa Barbara National Horseshow


Does sound like a perfect day with the family. I love it when you have a moment of realization that things are just wonderful and you're content.

I don't dislike Florida -- in fact, we're planning a trip there next year to take the girls to Disney. Mimi is dying to meet Minnie Mouse. ;-) But I certainly don't anticipate it being an annual vacation spot -- I want to see other parts of the world, for sure. I definitely want to make it back to Vancouver sometime in the next few years, and there's so many places I haven't been.

So yeah -- I'm with you -- I don't get Florida as the annual vacay destination. maybe people just prefer the familiar?

I agree with Nancy that people tend to prefer the familiar. International travel can be damn intimidating. Especially when a different language is involved. Personally, I'd prefer just about anywhere to Florida, but I was born with a sense of adventure and would rather get a tan by the Adriatic than in the Keys. I like to feel cool and exotic. That is probably more annoying to people than Florida is.

I have no desire to ever set foot inside any Disney place (tho Mike insists I WILL take that trip on the chin when we have kids). at any rate, I have been to Miami/SB which I thought was cool (the music, the scene) and San Destin located the panhandle (aka "Redneck Riviera") (which I did not know was in a different time zone and kept buggin the check-in peeps about getting into our room early and they were all COME BACK AT 2:00! and I was all 'BUT IT IS 2:00!') where is was very chill and the water was beautiful. But not much to do unless you golf which I can only take so much. Like a day.

THAT all said, if I don't go back to FL I think I will survive.

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