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Friday, February 23, 2007


Oh yeah, happy belated birthday to Avery. I am waiting for the birthday recap post -- no pressure. ;-)

I am glad your homeschooling adventure is going well. Sounds like it will be good for all of you and for Viola.

So, is Dean going to take the job?

I hope he takes the job! If he doesn't I'm going to dress up as him and take it for him. Heh! I want to work at Google!! You have to have built a rocket to go to mars or graduated with a phd cumma sum laude from Stanford for them to even look at your resume apparently. Tivo could potentially come back with a better offer for him but I can't imagine that they could ever offer him the opportunity that a place like Google would. We've just been a loyal Tivo family for a long time now... I know it will be a difficult thing for him to leave a place he loves to work so much- even if it is ultimately the right decision.

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