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Thursday, February 08, 2007


I wonder if it's a boy/girl thing - Collin's being going on the Matterhorn since he was 2 (35") and the 40" rides the last two visits -- we never, ever get dirty looks. We get LOTS of comments on how brave he is, etc, but never dirty looks...

Emily has been eating her veggies like crazy since our last visit - she wants to be tall enough to ride CA Screaming with me! She was an inch too short last time...

Heh heh... that cracks me up! Avery wanted to go back the next day to see if she was tall enough! We explained it would take a a while for her to grow a few inches, not gonna happen overnight!

Wow, sounds like a fun trip and really makes me want to make a trip out to Disneyland sometime soon. If we could drive there, we'd be there already for sure! So did I miss it, but you mentioned something about things going downhill and characters being touchy, yet I didn't read anything about that. Inquiring minds want to know...did you hug Mickey too hard or what?

Hey - I hear Michelle Duggar is pregnant with #17! Knew you'd appreciate that...



Oh, I'm shocked. That Michelle Duggar! I just keep wondering when her uerus is going to revolt and go on Larry King Live.

uh, uterus that is.

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