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Friday, February 16, 2007


Uh oh - Mama Bear is pissed... :-) How very scary - that is the exact thing that terrifies me about sending Emily off to first grade every day. So scary what can happen in the few hours they are out of our sight... I am dying to hear what the teacher has to say about all this...

You have a right to be steamin. Plus it's the principals job to take action not just the teacher. You go girl, march right in there with Dean on Monday and bring the house down. It's UNACCEPTABLE that you weren't informed. Its UNACCEPTABLE that the supervision was so lax that this wasn't stopped before it started. It's UNACCEPTABLE that the principal blew you off to the teacher. It's UNACCEPTABLE that your child was made to feel bad. She's the younger one not the other child. Speaking from experience, it doesn't pay to let things go with school administrators. It they think you're a bit....so be it. Your kids are important and you just let them know it. The girls will appreciate it that Mom and Dad stuck up for them, were interested and acted. Keep us posted. Just don't you let that teacher weasel out on you - P.S. I always find it helps to write down your points so you get em all across. Good luck.

Yeah! EXACTLY what she said! I was going to write the same things down, but I read the post above and felt like she put it perfectly. You GO!

Whoa, I can't imagine how p.o'd I'd be if that happened to my child. I agree, the way it was handled by the school was absolutely unacceptable!

While the way the school handled the situation was unacceptable, I am not sure that parents realize that we classroom teachers really do have our students' best interests at heart. We spend hours after work, before work, during work analyzing the best course of action for all of the students in our class. It sounds like you have had a terrible experience with an unprofessional teacher, but I really do want to stress that most of us teachers are very well-qualified and very concerned about our students.

Just to clarify... I'm not ragging on Viola's teacher. I'm a little dumbfounded that she didn't think this was worthy of contacting us over but I admit I might be a little naive in terms of what teachers see these days and how they prioritize these things. I think Viola's teacher is very caring and concerned. I think Glenmoor is a RELATIVELY, COMPARATIVELY good school. I just think that no one is going to watch/take care of/love my kid like I will. Mos kids are okay with that. Viola has a special personality that makes her vulnerable to certain things. I recognize that and I am a STUPID F*** because I had misgivings about putting her in public school from the get-go because of her personality and I allowed myself to be talked into it. And I NEVER do that- I tend to do the opposite of what everyone tells me- I just really didn't want to screw my kid up over my own oppositional-definace disorder issues, so I allowed myself to ignore my gut, and here we are.

I totally agree with you, and I totally agree with your assessment of Viola's teacher. I do believe that's unacceptable--I just wanted to let you know that many teachers (although clearly not enough) work do believe that education is a partnership between parents and teachers. I am so sorry that a teacher was so careless/incompetent/overwhelmed/what-have-you that this partnership didn't work out. I do believe that strong parenting is the best thing kids (and teachers) have going for them!

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