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Friday, November 30, 2007


Both look beautiful!

Holy cow she got big! Just as beautiful as her mom. =)

Aw, thanks Heather. I do think she is incredibly gorgeous- especially when she's playing soccer. She refuses to put all that hair of hers back and there is nothing like seeing her running out there on the soccer field with her hair down. She's absolutely gorgeous, mommy-bias or no.

And it is amazing how quick they get big. I can close my eyes and in a second be back when she was this tiny, mewling thing with a wobbly head and a shock of fuzzy black hair on the sweet little head of hers. I loved how she used to clench her little fist and shove it into her cheek when she slept and then how she would stretch her arms up, eyes still closed as she woke up... it went all too quick, far too quick.

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