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Saturday, October 04, 2008


Canada isn't that great. I should know I live here. The economy sucks you can't get a well paying job unless you want to work at Tim Horton's or McDonalds for $9 an hour. Plus you want tax well how about 12% on everything from food on up. Income tax runs at minimum 20% on your income. Healthcare of yeah, waiting list for months and months. Family doctors what are those? If you have 4 hours plus to wait in a clinic super. Food, Clothing, We go to the NY to stock up on basics from food to clothing. The same Hanes Underwear is $15 plus tax for 3 vs $5 for 3 (less than 45 minutes away). Economy, 5 of my neighbors all with University degrees have been laid off in the past 6 months all in different industries. My husband got laid off a year ago and with an MBA still can't find a job. Childcare forget it, school system hum (french, english, private, public). Minimum $140 a month or and least we not forget 20 teacher holidays per year not including summer holidays. Horses when I sold mine board was $325 with turnout 13 years ago. You know CA if looking mighty fine.

New Zealand, I'm telling you. Might be kind of hard to ship horses that far though. Maybe they would fit in your suitcases, if you got a really big one...I am scared for our country at this point, so I am with you.

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